Sunday, January 27, 2013

Magnesium fuel cell (MgFC)

The magnesium fuel cell (MgFC) is now commercially available from MagPower Systems Inc. The MgFC is capable of driving the devices, for example, coffee maker. MagPower uses a "hydrogen inhibitor" as its properietry technology.
Kohama Lab. et al are now actively developing the magnesium fuel cell (MgFC) functioning as like a primary battery. The MgFC uses a flame-retardant magnesium alloy for its anode (negative electrode).
MgFC is a kind of the “metal-air battery”, and uses magnesium for its metal. “Magnesium, oxygen and water reactively cooperate to generate a magnesium hydride (Mg(OH)2), so that an electromotive force is generated between those electrodes.” The fact clearly shows that the MgFC is a chemical electric generator, which chemically generates electricity. Its function is active. Kohama MgFC operates like a primary battery that stops electric generation when the magnesium at the negative electrode is used up. However, the problem is secondary, which will be solved from now.
In this respect, the hydrogen fuel cell (H2FC) is also a chemical electric generator, which generates electricity using hydrogen as its fuel. It continues its electric generation so long as the fuel supply continues.
As known, the ordinary battery is supplied with electricity from an external electric source, stores the electricity supplied, and feeds it to a place where it needs. Its function is passive. If it is left for a long time, it naturally discharges and loses the electricity stored. If interesting, please go to here.

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