Saturday, January 19, 2013

MgFC & Magnesium, their Advantageous Features

Advantages of MgFC and Mg (magnesium) are listed up as far as those occur to my mind.
1) Energy density is high: 2 kWh/kg  5 times or higher than of the current L-ion battery and is comparable with that of the current H2FC. 1464mAh/g(MgFC)、150mA/g (L-ion battery)  experrimental values
2) Unlimited resources ← solar energy & Mg
3) Used Mg is recyclable.
4) Non-toxic and clean.
5) Cheap: Price = nearly equal to about 1/2 of that of the lead-acid battery currently used.
6) Safe: Flame-retardant Mg alloy used is significantly safe so as to allow its welding in air.
7) Easy handling: Smelted Mg is readily transported in the form of particles to any place, which needs the magnesium, in any country in the world. The magnesium serves as a carrier carrying solar energy. From the electrical viewpoint, the smelted Mg stores the solar energy in the form of free electrons and is transported to a target place. When it is incorporated into the MgFC, the free electrons cause a current flow . Electricity is generated. The fact indicates that the smelted Mg stores electricity, and the electricity storage continues so long as it exists. The electricity is safely stored、transported, and utilized. This is an altogether new energy utilizing process. When the process is compared with DESERTEC project, its advantages will be clearly understood.
8) The lifespan of MgFC is significantly long, almost semi-permanent. It is 60 to 70 years (if the salt water as the electrolyte is removed) in the case of the MgFC used like the primary battery.
9) The smelted Mg, which is used for electricity generation, is also used as industrial materials. See Table “Advantages of Mg and its Applications”  and ”GM succeeds in applying magnesium sheet metal to vehicles” & “Next generation high-speed transport system - AeroTrain –“
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