Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mag Soleil Project

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"Mag Soliel project" is a large-scale project which produces magnesium by the smelting process based on the solar energy and utilizes the resultant magnesium for electrical energy production and as a new light metal material. The magnesium produced is capable of covering the whole electrical energy consumed by the nation, and further provides a future light metal material having a trend toward light weight. The magnesium-smelting site is located in a solar-energy rich desert. The project will be an ace for the renewable energy society.

Development of renewable and clean technologies is essential. We must live on the earth. Six types of primary energies available on the earth are calculatively compared in amount. The result is that solar energy is 64% or more of the total amount of those primary energies. The solar energy is limitless in amount and eternally available on the earth. This results in the necessity to make the most of the solar energy.
The solar energy density in the desert is significantly high. It is about 3kW/㎡, about 3 times higher than that in Japan. The quantity of solar energy is about 7.5 times or more than that in Japan. The area of about 70 km2 covers the total energy consumption of Japan .What we now have to do is how to harvest solar energy, transport the gathered one to places that need it, and to utilize it as required.  Incidentaly, the best location in the world is somewhere in the sunbelt region of and near the equator. The northern part of Australia seems to be the best candidate for such a location at present.
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