Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Future lays somewhere beyond lithium-based chemistries-8

I. Next Generation Batteries 2013  April 30- May 1, 2013 - Boston, MA
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II. Northeastern University Announces a Two Day Summit on Large Scale Energy Storage  May 2-3, 2013 in Boston, MA USA
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Discovery of a >250 mAh/g, Non-Layered Oxide Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Wildcat Discovery Technologies has developed a high throughput synthesis and screening platform for battery materials.
Wildcat’s system produces materials in bulk form, enabling evaluation of its properties in a standard cell configuration.
This allows simultaneous optimization of all aspects of the cell, including the active materials, binders, separator, electrolyte and additives. Wildcat is using this high throughput system to develop new electrode and electrolyte materials for a variety of battery types (primary, secondary, aqueous, non-aqueous).
In this talk, I will discuss our latest discovery, a non-layered oxide cathode with capacity >250 mAh/g, irreversible capacity <10>
and superior rate capability, cycle life, and energy stability to lithium-rich layered oxides in full cells.
This presentation will be given by Steven Kaye, PhD of Wildcat Discovery Technologies at Next Generation Batteries 2013
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