Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mg Soleil Project-2

I.         Introduction
The earth resources for energy are not limitless. The resources lead to food for human-beings. Fossil fuel = 30 years, nuclear fuel = 50 years, and shale fuel = 200 years. Those are the predicted longevities of the fuel resources. If future actual longevities of the fuel resources will deviate from those predicted ones by 30% in the positive direction, those resources longevities are not so long. The world population has exceeded 7 billion, and the population increase will yet continue. After those energy resources are consumed up to exhaustion, how we should cope with the energy issue. This results in the necessity of alternatives to the current energy resources. If we do not have any alternatives, how we should do?

“The harvesting of energy and the consuming of the same are managed on the basis of the concept of the "sustainable society", while satisfying environmental requirements.” This is one of the solutions to the energy and environment issues. 

We are seeking effective implementations of the concept of the sustainable society. A "Mag Soleil project" is one of the implementations. Prof. Kohama (Tohoku University) has proposed and carried out the project. The eco-friendliness is the preamble of the concept of the Mag Soleil project. The project has a mission to develop technologies to generate typically electrical energy and to provide the light metal material, and to apply the results to the society.  Solar energy and magnesium (Mg) are used in the project.
The magnesium used is processed (smelted) to use it again. Thus, the magnesium is recyclably used with the aid of the solar energy. The Mag Soleil project realizes a “magnesium recycling society”.

I.            Introduction
エネルギーを得る地球資源は有限である。エネルギーは間接的には人類の食糧となっている。化石燃料 = 30 年、原子燃料 = 50 年、シェール燃料 = 200 年といわれている。 予測値がプラス方向に30%ずれたにしろ、長くはない。人口が70億人を超えている。その増加傾向はまだ続く。 地球資源が枯渇したらどうするのか。その代替え資源が必要である。代替資源がないとすれば、どうなるのか。
我々はその解の具体的な形を模索している。この模索の中の一つ、それが「Mg Soleilプロジェクト」。Prof. Kohama (Tohoku University) et al. によって提案されている。


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