Friday, February 8, 2013

H2FC charger of handheld type

A handheld H2FC charger is well described in “Highlighting JAPAN” [pdf file: 24 page (25 and 26 pages)] by Takashi Sasaki, freelance writer. The charger was co-developed by Rohm Co., Aquafairy, and Prof. Hirao (Kyoto Uni.). The charger uses a calcium-hydride solid-state sheet for generating hydrogen. The development of the fuel cell is now actively continuing for further enhancement. The same H2FC was also described on my site.
A new H2FC battery, based on the same principle, will be launched before long (planned to launch on April this year). The battery is featured by a large capacity of 400 Whr and light weight of 3 kg, 1/4 of that of the conventional lead-acid battery.

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