Sunday, May 5, 2013

New battery technologies toward sustainable society

Two professors are now studying, researching and developing new battery technologies toward a sustainable society. 
Those professors are Prof. Yasuaki Kohama (Tohoku University) and Prof. Donald Sadoway (Materials Chemistry MIT. Prof. Kohama sets his sights on realizing a sustainable society by utilizing magnesium and solar energy. 
Prof. Sadway invented Liquid Metal Batteries (for Grid Scale Electricity Storage).  He created Ambri, Inc. and is researching and developing the batteries for commercialization.

Prof. Sadoway’s philosophy on the study and research is similar to Prof. Kohama’s one.  This is a surprising to me. 

Prof. Kohama
I arranged the Mag Soleil project, which is led by Prof. Kohama et al.  The process is one of implementations of processes to realize a “sustainable society”. The project is constructed based on “eco-friendliness”. Magnesium and solar energy are limitless resources, and not expensive.
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