Monday, November 26, 2012

GM succeeds in applying magnesium sheet metal to vehicles

The weight-reduction results of applying magnesium (Mg) material to vehicle body are: Reduced by 33% of Al body, 60% of Ti body, and 75% of steel body.
GM has developed two technologies: 1) “thermal forming process for magnesium” and 2) “corrosion resistance treatment for thermal-formed magnesium”. GM is testing the new technologies #0.
“GM’s patented process turns up the heat on magnesium to 450 degrees Celsius (842 degrees Fahrenheit), allowing the material to be molded into precise, rigid shapes."
"GM’s proprietary treatment for thermal-formed magnesium resisted 10 consecutive weeks of 24-hour environmental tests involving salt spray, 100 percent humidity and extreme temperatures."

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